©Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer 2021

©Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer 2021

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My first illusion was the Alien illusion scarf from the Stitch n Bitch book, I loved the way it appeared and disappeared and got many compliments on it. It was very magical, and all the non knitters that saw it thought I was a genius even though it was very simply knits and purls.

I have done other illusions through the years, but when I knit Steve Plummer’s Mona Lisa design I got the fever to try one of my own. My idea was to combine my love for knitting and my love for Cary Grant in a knitted work of art. It took me many hours, many questions and lots of help from Steve to get the picture I wanted charted. I enjoyed knitting it even though I had many ripping sessions to work out some kinks. It’s not perfect, and not really a work of art, but I am happy with how it’s turned out and I’m ready to try another one!.

Lisa Lehner

Atlanta, Georgia


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