©Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer 2021

©Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer 2021

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I decided to make a vest with Einstein on the back in illusion knitting.  Half of the front is in black and the other half is in cream.  On one side you’ll see E=, and on the other side there’s mc2 (with the 2 raised a bit).  I knitted this formula in I-cord using a green color similar to the green used for this year’s Science March, and it’s attached it to the front of the vest.  The border is also in that color.  I’ve attached a photo Meg Swansen took and sent me of the back of the vest.  The photo of the front isn’t great.  I was careless putting it on during show and tell, so the two halves of the front don’t match up perfectly at the top.  Sorry.  Finally, for the presentation of Einstein, I made up a ridiculous and maybe humorous story about how the project came about, which I’m also attaching.  

This is the story Jane sent along with her photos:

People who know me well know how clumsy I can be.  After breaking a hip several years ago and still recovering from a recent fracture of my tibia at the knee, I finally realized that the time had come to mend my ways (no pun intended).  

I thought about getting a bodyguard to watch my back, but I’m retired now and can’t afford one.  After much thought, I decided to knit one and turn him into a vest.  The bodyguard I chose is Albert.  He’s very smart, but all day long, each and every day, he just lies around doing absolutely nothing.  So, being my bodyguard can be good for both of us.  

You may not always see him when I’m wearing the vest because he’s very modest and tends to lurk in the shadows.  Most people know him for his famous formula, e=mc2, which you’ll see applied to the front of the vest in green to honor this year’s Science March, but for me it means more than the Theory of Relativity.  It’s a secret code language Albert uses to remind me to Exercise More Caution to the 2nd power!