©Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer 2021

©Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer 2021

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This was a fun project, made possible by what I learned from Double or Nothing and The World of Illusion Knitting.

I had done double-knitted stripes before, as well as non-mirror-image double-knitted colorwork. But I had never done double-knitted illusion knitting. Moreover, it wasn’t until I began knitting that I realized that because this isn’t completely a mirror image, I would need to learn to do KK and PP pairs of stitches as well as the usual KP and textured PK pairs. (Now that I have some practice under my belt, if I ever use these techniques together again, I’ll make the project a pillow rather than something to hang, because the inside can be kept completely hollow if you don’t link the yarns anywhere but the edges. Because I was making this to hang, every 10 rows or so, I linked a pair of stitches 10 stitches from what would end up the top of the piece. I kept the cast-on and bind-off separated by color on the 10 top-most stitches so that I could run a dowel through.)

It was really fun to try the design using Lego software first. Thank you, George Maffett and Woolly Thoughts!

I charted this using the method pioneered by Woolly Thoughts. It’s a simple design, so I used Excel (the MOD function used with Conditional Formatting can make getting red lines every 10 stitches and every 10 rows automatic. ;) Because it’s double-knitted, I numbered the stitches from right to left and used a legend, which incorporates double-knitting but not the fact that it’s not a mirror image. I just kept that straight in my head by following the chart bottom to top and top to bottom at the same time. (Thanks again to Woolly Thoughts for inspiring me to annotate a pattern PDF with “rulers” to track my progress--if you’re using a Windows PC or tablet, I highly recommend the Drawboard PDF app.)

Carolyn’s project on Ravelry has more details about how she charted her design.