©Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer 2021

©Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer 2021

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In May 2019 The Cottontown Chorus (the men’s chorus Steve sings with) joined with Amersham A Cappella to form a new four-part mixed chorus called A Kind of Magic. At their first outing singing in a mixed competition they won the Gold Medal to become National Mixed Chorus Champions

After the convention it seemed a good idea to combine the magic of illusion knitting with the magic of the singing. Steve designed a shawl/wall-hanging using the Amersham logo and incorporating the words A Kind of Magic. I knitted it - then we made a video to show what happens as you change your view of the illusion.

Watch the video with your sound turned on. The soundtrack is from a rehearsal from a previous occasion when they had sung together in eight-part harmony.

the shawl pattern

When Amersham go on stage for a competition they are always accompanied by a Barbie doll dressed to match their stage gear, so I did something I have never done before and made a shawl for Barbie. She looked a bit strange with just a shawl so she also got a dress, hat and boots.

Barbie is too small to show any kind of illusion but the dress and shawl do use illusion techniques to make the purple appear more prominent in the shawl and the white more noticeable in the dress.

the Barbie pattern

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