©Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer 2015

©Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer 2015

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In 2009 we suddenly took an interest in illusion knitting. It was very different from the mathematical work that can be found on the main part of the Woolly Thoughts site. As we searched the Internet we became more and more confused by the different descriptions and decided there had to be a better way so we looked at the technique with a mathematical, logical approach. Since then we have gone on to develop our own method of charting and, by doing so, we can now create far more complex designs than anything we had seen before.

Our method of charting can be used for anything from the simplest picture or lettering through to very complex illusions such as Mona Lisa or Girl with a Pearl Earring.

We originally intended to publish everything we have discovered about illusion knitting as a book. We have decided against this for various reasons:

The charting we use is completely of our own invention. The feedback we have received tells us that it is very much easier than anything else that is currently available and we want to make it available to other people sooner than conventional publishing would allow.

The charts in some of our patterns are very large and do not lend themselves to being split over several pages in a book. All our pdf charts are given at page size which you can blow up to any size on your computer. Large designs also have charts broken into several sections so you can print them out and tape the pieces together.

This is a work-in-progress. Every idea leads to a new one. A book would be very much out-of-date before it was even published.

It is extremely difficult to photograph illusions to good effect. They are much more exciting in real life than they are on paper. They need to be seen moving or with the viewer moving round the illusion.

Should mistakes occur they can easily be corrected.

The tutorials on this site are free - but we hope they will prompt you to buy some of our patterns.

In 2013, to keep pace with technology, we added extra charts to all patterns to make them easier to use on all devices. You can now view 20 ridges of knitting at a time and always be able to find your position on the chart.


As you move from page to page you will inevitably find some things repeated. We try to provide vital information in places where people need it, whichever way they arrive at a particular page.

If you can’t find what you are looking for the site map might help.


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